We are taking a short break while Margu relocates to NYC! Orders for FW18 are currently disabled until we unpack our sewing machines. Any questions, issues, or restaurant recommendations? Send us an email at hello@margudesign.com.


Founded in 2016, Margu is a womenswear line designed and created by Emily Rowe. Combining classic silhouettes with vintage-inspired details, her clothing strikes a balance between playful femininity and quiet sophistication. Fabrics, notions, and trims are sustainably sourced from all over the world, and every garment is designed, cut, and sewn in her tiny studio in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

"Clothing made slowly and thoughtfully" is our tagline. It's partly a joke on how slow and obsessive we are when it comes to making clothing, but mostly it's a description of our approach to fashion. We make clothes that are meant to last decades, not weeks; we value quality and craftsmanship over quantity and speed; we take all the time we need to get the details and fit of each piece right; we create clothing for those who believe that all clothing has a story and that good clothing is an essential part of a life well-lived.

How It's Made

Making quality clothing takes time. Each garment we make takes anywhere from 4 to 10 hours to complete from start to finish — and that's not including all the designing, drafting, and grading that goes on beforehand.

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Sustainable fashion is about more than just organic cotton. From the fabrics and notions we source to the packaging we use to the way we make our clothes, we’re working to minimize the fashion industry’s environmental footprint.

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