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10 Amazing Ethical Shoes for Fall

by Emily DeLong | 16 October 16

Think of what first comes to your mind when you hear the words "ethical footwear." Did chunky, granola shoes that may or may not include velcro come to mind for you too?

Try your best to erase that mental image from your mind, because the world of ethical, sustainable, and handcrafted footwear has come a long way in the last several years. Shoes used to be one of those things that I didn't buy ethically because I just couldn't find what I wanted (I'm not one to buy something ethical/sustainable just because it's ethical/sustainable, regardless of appearance), but nowadays you can find an ethical version of just about any shoe you want.

I rounded up 10 of my favorite ethical shoes for fall, all from different brands, all of varying price points, and all of various eco-credentials. Some are vegan, some are not vegan, some are handcrafted, some are not, but all of them are supporting the ethical fashion movement in some way.


1. Nisolo Smoking Shoe in Noir

Disclaimer: I own these shoes, and they are definitely the most-worn shoes in my entire closet. They go with everything and stand up to just about everything. And not only that, they're handmade in Peru!


2. Colico Jung Heel in Dust Leather

Colico is definitely on the splurge end of the price-point spectrum, but every single one of their shoes is breathtakingly beautiful and designed with the most thoughtful details. Take these heels: that cutout is phenomenal, and the heel is just the right amount of chunky.


3. Mat + Nat Joliette Boot in Chili

You probably know Mat + Nat for their vegan handbags, but they also make shoes that are just as awesome. Case in point: this perfect Chelsea boot. (I love the V-shaped gore!)


4. Bourgeois Boheme Pamela Boot

Bourgeois Boheme is another brand you should check out if you're looking for quality vegan shoes. I can picture myself wearing these black booties with basically everything in my wardrobe.


5. Proud Mary White Leather Slide

Proud Mary is known for their raffia sandals, but their leather shoes are just as chic. I love how these two-tone suede slides look equally comfortable and luxe.


6. Everlane Modern Oxford in Blush

The internet cannot get enough of these oxfords, and neither can I. The design is minimalist perfection, and the color is so on-trend.


7. Veja Taua Sneakers in White Pierre

I'm not much of a sneakers gal, but the next time I buy a pair of sneakers, it will be this one. Veja is the gold standard as far as ethical sneakers go, and I love how this pair is so simple and clean-looking.


8. Charlotte Stone Morley Mule in Glacier

These mules may be a bit impractical (suede heels, anyone?), but I cannot stop dreaming of myself in them. The design and the color are both so, so perfect.


9. Osborn Dune Flats

I've been in the market for a pair of cognac flats, and these ones by Osborn — so rich, buttery, and simple — are at the top of my list. It doesn't hurt that they're handmade in small batches by artisans in Latin America.


10. Fortress of Inca Adrianna Coco Bootie in Black

To round out this list, here is the perfect black bootie — a wardrobe staple if there ever was one. The Adrianna Coco bootie was handmade in Peru by Fortress of Inca, a Texas-based ethical shoe brand.