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Monthly News & Reads, August 2016

by Emily DeLong | 29 August 16

Hey friends!

I hope August has been a great month for you. We've been working like crazy over here at Margu HQ getting our fall collection ready to launch! I can't wait to share more details with you.

For this week's post, I wanted to let you in on what we've been up to this August as well as share a few articles I've read and enjoyed recently. 


First, a bit of what we've been up to:

We (finally!) finished patterning and grading all the garments in our FW16 collection. (Not sure what that means? Read this!) Now all we have to do is sew like crazy for the next few weeks and the collection should be ready to go.

We planned out a few minor branding and website tweaks that we're going to be launching along with our FW16 collection. I'm so excited about what our new website is going to look like!

We did a lot of little things in preparation for fall, such as refreshing our packaging (new paper order inserts!), stocking up on lots of sewing notions, and majorly reorganizing our studio.

We moved our blog over from Tumblr to its new home on our website proper. I love Tumblr, but this new blog feels a lot more like a blog to me!

We launched our first-ever sale! A big business milestone.


We showed up on the internet a couple of times this month:

Margu was mentioned alongside some other amazing sustainable fashion brands in an EcoCult article on what to back for a trip to France.

I was interviewed by the blog Outfit Zest about what got me started, my creative process, and what's coming next for Margu.


A few links to articles around the web I enjoyed this month:

Are malls dead? Or are they just becoming something different?

An unusual (and brilliant!) question to ask yourself before buying clothing.

Five good tips for simplifying your wardrobe.

What's up with the fact that there are so few high-profile female womenswear designers out there?

This "buyerarchy of needs" sums up conscious consumerism perfectly.

A thought-provoking piece about the relationship between women and alcohol.

Big data thinks it knows what we'll be wearing this season ... and it's pretty accurate!

A tribute to the late fashion designer Sonia Rykiel.

There are so many things that excite me about fall, but donning a new palette is definitely up there.

Struggling to find a bra that fits? This guide to fitting is super helpful.

Can someone on a budget afford an ethical wardrobe?

The burkini bans in France are part of a long history of societies regulating what women wear.

Five truths the fast-fashion industry doesn't want you to know.

"The radical move of the flâneuse: I will shop, or I won’t shop, but I am not defined by it either way."

Think first before you go out and buy new fall clothes just yet.

A comprehensive read on the direct-to-consumer sales model (which is what we do at Margu!).

A little push to just get started.