How to Tie a Square Scarf

by Emily DeLong | 10 April 17

I've had a number of people ask me how to tie a square scarf since we first released them last fall. If you were one of the people who asked me, you may remember me saying I was planning on making a tutorial soon, and here it is! How to tie a square scarf three different ways.

You'll need a square scarf, approximately 22 inches in length/width. Don't have one? You can browse our seasonally rotating selection here.


No. 1: The Classic Necktie

square scarf necktie

Step 1: Lay the scarf on the floor, wrong side up.

Step 2: Fold the scarf in half diagonally. You want the tip on one end to go on top of the tip on the opposite end.

Step 3: Starting with the tip of the rectangle farthest from the folded edge, begin making a tight roll with the fabric.

Keep rolling until there's nothing left to roll.

You'll end up with a long snake-looking piece of fabric.

Step 4: Take the snake-looking piece of fabric and twist it two times. This step is important to do so that your necktie doesn't unravel while you're wearing it!

 Step 5: Tie the scarf around your neck into a double knot.

Step 6: Marvel at how great you look with your scarf tied around your neck!

Variation: You can use these same instructions to make a cool scarf for your bag. Just tie it around the base of the strap of a handbag and you're good to go!


No. 2: The Hair Bow

square scarf hair bow

Step 1-4: Follow Steps 1-4 in The Classic Necktie tutorial above.

Step 5: Wrap the scarf underneath your hair, at the base of your neck, and make a single or double knot at the top of your head.

Variation: Rather than tie the bow at the top, you can tie the bow at the bottom for a more subdued headband. You can also tie a scarf onto your ponytail for an unexpected twist. (Just thread it through your ponytail holder before you start tying.)


No. 3: The Bandana

bandana square scarf

Step 1-2: Follow Steps 1-2 in The Classic Necktie tutorial above.

Step 3: Take the two ends of the triangle adacent to the folded edge, and tie them into a double knot around your neck.

Make sure to adjust the scarf so that the tie is in the back!

Variation: Try tying the scarf exactly the same way as for the bandana, securing it around your head instead of your neck for a retro-chic (and functional) bandana head wrap!