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Getting closer!

by Emily DeLong | 27 March 16

Starting something new is difficult. There is no instruction manual. There is no rubric to tell you when something is right, or even when it is done. Sometimes I feel like I’m running around in a circle, working all the time with nothing to show for it.

But then some milestone occurs, something that allows me to look back to when I started and say, “Wow, I have come a long way! I have been moving forward!” Most recently, that milestone has been the completion of our first two samples.

There’s something about seeing the tag inside these samples that makes it all seem so real. Up until recently, this collection and this business only existed in sketches and prototypes and in my head. But it’s all real, and it’s getting more real. We’re getting closer!

I leave you with a photograph from today’s location scouting trip. While looking for a place to shoot our lookbook, we met an unexpected friend:

Until next time!