How to Wear Florals in the Winter

by Emily DeLong

02 January 2017

Florals in the spring? Of course. Florals in the summer? Why not? Florals in the fall? Totally doable.

But florals in the winter?

Before you say "No way!" let me try my best to convince you otherwise. Florals are my pattern of choice (sorry, polka dots and stripes, I still love you!), and as such I can't really fathom going three months every year without them.

Below, I've styled four FW16 styles made in our Midnight Floral fabric, a muted small-scale floral I designed after being inspired by a vintage print from the 1950s. As long as you approach florals a bit differently in the winter as you do in the summer, they're just as wearable in the cold as they are on a warm spring day.


Tip 1: It's all about the color palette of the floral pattern.

A bright yellow and pink floral print is going to be a lot harder to pull off in the winter than a darker, moodier print. Chances are, if you have a number of floral prints in your closet, you're bound to have some that have a darker, more subdued color palette. Those are your go-to winter floral prints!

Here I am wearing the Delphine Top with skinny jeans and booties. Florals and jeans work in just about every season as long as you get the color palette right.


Tip 2: Balance out peppy florals with subdued colors.

Now that you've identified which floral prints will work best for winter, it's time to start pairing them with other stuff in your wardrobe. The key here is to balance out the floral, especially if it's a bit more bright and daring, with more subdued tones. Think black, grey, navy, and brown.

Here I'm wearing the Louise Top with a grey linen skirt I made for myself a long time ago as well as a black cardigan, black tights, and black boots. The floral print adds a bit of color and whimsy to an otherwise simple color palette without putting it over the top.


Tip 3: Incorporate a hint of a floral pattern into an otherwise wintry outfit.

This tip is for all those hesitant floral-wearers out there. Probably the easiest way to wear florals in the winter is to incorporate them through your accessories. Scarves are the simplest way to do this, but cardigans, jewelry, and even hats and gloves can also work!

Here I'm wearing the Midnight Floral Square Scarf as an accent to a mauve sweater and a pair of Henri Pants. The scarf gives a touch of color and fun to an otherwise simple outfit without screaming "I have no idea what season it is!"


Tip 4: Does it make you happy? Do you like wearing it? Then wear it!

This isn't so much of a tip but an exhortation to ignore the rules and wear what you want! Florals are appropriate in every season, as is any print, color, or style that makes you happy. (In this case, the Wallflower Dress is making me happy. I really feel like myself in it!)

If you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes, whatever you're wearing, you'll feel a lot more comfortable and confident facing the day. Clothing is power.